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The Volunteer Militia exists by law under Amendment II of the United States Constitution, U.S.C. Title 10 Subtitle A. Part I, Chapter 13, Section 311, and the Tennessee State Constitution, Article I, Sections 24 and 26.  Our purpose is to uphold the United States and Tennessee State Constitutions, defend against foreign and domestic enemies, execute and safeguard the laws of the Union, suppress insurrection and repel invasions. We adhere to the literal and original intent of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights as put forth by the Founding Fathers and hold those principles inviolate. We reject any philosophy of supremacy based on race or gender.   A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Amendment Two, of the U.S. Constitution. We are the "Original" Oath Keepers, according to the US Constitution, as our forefathers deemed it to be.


What We're About

What is important to the militia is what is important to all Americans. We are concerned with the health of this nation. Militia members are a cross section of the American people. Many of us have been active in the political realm to voice our opinion to our elected leaders. Our voice has yet to be heard. We will not tolerate any trouble makers, Jew haters, bigots, racists, dissenters of any type first and foremost. We are here to reestablish the Militias reputation. The militia is a formation of communities. This is true now as it was throughout the history of this land. We the people have gathered together to form one voice in the hope that we will be heard.   Our communities are banding together across this country to form one voice which is getting louder each day. It is not the guns of the militia that our government fears, we have not fired a single shot. The people are uniting together as one to bring out the truth, justice and liberty that we are Americans!  The 1st Tennessee Rifles are not a "Anti-Government" hate club or occult of any type.  As an "Unorganized" militia we will assist local and state government in times where manpower has been exhausted.  We stand against enemies both foreign and domestic. We are the "Original" Oath Keepers, according to the US Constitution, as our forefathers deemed it to be.


Our Purpose

In Tennessee, the Governor may call into service the unorganized militia, only in the event that the General Assembly shall declare by law that the public safety requires it. For the 1st TN RIFLES UMIT, it is important that ordinary citizens, otherwise known as the "unorganized militia," be at least modestly prepared to serve their State and Country,  in such a capacity. And, it is important that in the meantime, ordinary citizens be modestly prepared to take care of themselves, their families, and communities at all times, as well as in times of economic or social unrest or for any type of disaster that should occur, to always be ready.   Our purpose is to educate and prepare Tennessee citizens to be law-abiding, self-sufficient individuals, families, and leaders of their communities, capable of fulfilling their duty, if called upon by their State in times of need. To be self-preserving in essence, in all things. To be prepared for whatever may come their way and knowing they can depend on their selves for survival and depend on others who have become a part of this organization. a Community of like-minded individuals.


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